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Nomad'r Lifestyle Co. is a brand for individuals who are constantly on the move, whether that be moving their life to a new home, traveling often or simply being active and adventuring, it is more than just an aesthetic, it is a way of life.

Nomad'r was born in the wake of 2020. I had recently lost my job as a Physical Therapist due to COVID-19 and was looking for a way to make ends meet as I worked toward starting my own PT practice. It was when I started thinking about what my passions were outside of my profession, that Nomad'r came to life.

I have always been one to constantly be on the move; for years my friends and family have referred to me as a 'Nomad'. Honestly, there's never been a adjective that I've identified with more. I grew up in a military family, constantly moving around and once I was on my own, I continued to have that "itch"- moving, traveling... It was in me; it was who I was; it was what defined me. I was the person who could never answer the simple question 'where are you from?' My best answer was always that I am from both nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

From moving around as a military child to traveling later on in my life- I've always seemed to have a wondering spirit- one haunted by the dichotomy of yearning to have a place to call home, but also never being able to commit to one. For me, "home" has always been just a state of mind.

"Hiraeth"- The feeling of longing for a home that no longer exists or never was.

So, Nomad'r What, Never Stop Wandering...


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